TEP INVESTMENT TURKEY PROPERTY AND INVESTMENT PLANS TEP INVESTMENT,People,either,build,a,house,to,satisfy,their,need,of,habitation,or,buy,a,already,built,house,by,paying,the,necessary,sum.,The,houses,built,and,the,estates,over,which,the,houses,are,built,are,registered,in,the,title,deed,in,the,name,of,the,house,owner.,These,kind,of,estates,are,called,immovables.,Besides,being,used,to,meet,one,of,the,most,fundamental,human,need,these,are,also,used,as,an,instrument,of,investment,Eventhough,the,sector,of,real-estate,existed,since,old,times,the,growing,need,gave,way,to,formation,of,new,occupations,firms,and,big,companies,One,of,these,thriving,sectors,is,the,rea TEP INVESTMENT People either build a house to satisfy their need of habitation or buy a already built house by paying the necessary sum. The houses built and the estates over which the houses are built are registered in the title deed in the name of the house owner. These kind of estates are called immovables. Besides being used to meet one of the most fundamental human need these are also used as an instrument of investment Eventhough the sector of real-estate existed since old times the growing need gave way to formation of new occupations firms and big companies One of these thriving sectors is the rea